Create Clarity with Charity

Create Clarity with Charity

Move forward, take flight, and elevate your life & business to the summit of success.


Arm yourself with strategic tools—sharpen your daily living for peak performance utilizing The Happy CEO Method.

We have the tools and teams to help transform your life and scale your business so you can thrive in this complex economy. Our high-tech e-learning platform provides a hybrid of coaching and consulting that you can access anywhere in the world.

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Join us for transformative Keynotes and Workshops designed to help you scale your business effortlessly while reaching your personal peak. Charity's method combines high-tech media and financial tools for seamless growth. Experience the impact firsthand and elevate both your professional and personal life with ease."


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Endorsed By Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington

Grow Your Business Without Sacrificing Your Happiness . Whether you're a solopreneur, small business owner, or growing a big company..... The 9 step "Happy CEO Method" will IGNITE a happier YOU and streamlined business.

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Speaking Events, Workshops, Masterminds

The Happy CEO Keynotes, Business Accelerator Workshops, Masterminds

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01. Ignite Limitless Success * My Gift to You ! Download Now

Your situation is unique. Trust Charity to deeply examine every angle and help you identify key opportunities for success.


02. Living Boldly

Charity will empower you to carry out your goals and achieve the live you deserve.


03. Master the Art of Resilience How To Pursue Your Big Dreams with Passion and Perseverance

Success is a moving target, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach. Charity will help you adapt, change, and thrive in all seasons.

Create Clarity with Charity

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Case Studies and Testimonials

TESTIMONIAL : Rudy's Steakhouse

TESTIMONIAL: Young Freelancer gets his wings

Trevor Odom (5 Star Business Accelerator Testimonial) - SUCCESS

A young inexperienced freelance videographer and content creator now has the tools he needs for success thanks to Charity Brown. Will you be the next success story?

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Heavyweights BBQ (5 Star Business Accelerator Testimonial) - ACTION PLAN

They had an idea for years but it wasn't until Charity Brown came into the picture that they could make their dreams turn reality. Could you be the next success story?

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Where do I even start to find the words for my transformation.

With the guidance of Charity and The Happy CEO program I gained the tools and skills I need to transform my real estate business in 2021. I was able to fully visualize my dreams. Through the program and Charity's guidance I was able to create a vision and plan to help me start the journey in 2021 and am continuing my business growth plan with continued guidance and mentoring from NOW Answer Group. The arsenal of tools, investor pitch, branding, marketing and financial statements and the most important was dialing in on my mindset and vision for my future. The number one take away is the mindset and 9 step program Clarity With Charity. It cleared my mind, calmed my thoughts to become a better negotiator and leader. I appreciated the morning routine which got me prepared for accomplishing the day! The POWER activities rocked!

Elizabeth Foster

Realtor covering Central Oregon and the Willamette Valley of Oregon

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The Happy CEO is a powerful must-have in your arsenal of knowledge.

Charity goes in-depth with CEO Planning and the must-have knowledge any business owner or entrepreneur must have to plan, execute and drive the direction of their business. From the numbers to social media networking, to the company vision, strategy, and more she leads you in a deeply immersive training that does not disappoint. If you own or lead a business the Happy CEO is a must experience for your business.

Eric Bell

Chief Executive Officer at My Effortless Marketing & Co-Founder to CEO Crossing

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Charity Brown is a highly knowledgeable and effective business coach.

I found her workshops to be engaging, relevant, and well-designed with meaningful content. As a business owner, it has been a positive experience to have someone walk me through the daunting tasks of setting up a business with clear goals, branding, and a realistic plan to thrive. I enthusiastically recommend her services.

Kim Cardona

MBA Marketing

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Charity is extremely professional and talented.

She has helped accelerate our companies ability to grow by providing valuable insight, strategic suggestions, and sound judgement. She helped with book transitions during a PE backed acquisition and has continued overseeing our books from a high-level. I am happy to recommend her services to anyone.

Thomas Sanford

Business Leader | Strategy | Product Development & Launch | Large-scale Project Management

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Charity is a very energetic, strategic, financial professional.

She is adaptable, insightful, and people-centric. Charity is able to quickly identify areas where she can help improve financial reporting and business processes. She takes a roll-up your sleeves approach and can get up to speed very quickly.

Our District was in need of an outside firm to conduct an internal audit and help bring our bookkeeping practices up to date. Charity was assigned to our account and we began a very positive working relationship. She has been an exceptional person to work with. Charity has been very responsive to our questions and requests and very intuitive as to the needs of our District. She went above and beyond helping us with our first budget process, following a personnel change. Charity also helped us through the audit process and took time to make sure we understood what was happening. Because we were still in search of a bookkeeper, Charity acted in that capacity for over a year, keeping our QuickBooks and banking records up-to-date and reconciled. She helped develop a Financial Policies and Procedures manual for our District, to ensure we operate in a safe and fiscally responsible manner. Charity is very professional and knowledgeable in her field, but she is also down-to-earth and easy to work with. She is efficient with her time and has been more than supportive. I highly recommend her services.

Juli Valeske

Chairperson, Burlington Water District Board of Commissioners

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